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Training at Your Fingertips

What if you could take classes from the comfort and convenience of your home? What if you could view your lessons anytime day or night when it is convenient for you?  We make it easier to get access to the training you need when you need it. 

UVI-CELL offers a variety of educational opportunities beyond the traditional learning environment through our partnership with nationwide content providers.  Our online courses are delivered in a variety of formats to include interactive, web-based instruction and instructor-facilitated courses.  You'll discover a world of opportunities to expand your skills, challenge yourself or prepare for certification.  

Is Online Learning For You?

  • Can you work independently?
  • Do you need convenience and an adjustable schedule?
  • Are you comfortable working on a computer and navigating the Internet?
  • Are you comfortable working with and learning from the written word?
  • Are you willing to learn in an exciting interactive environment?
  • Are you self-disciplined, have good organizational and time management skills?

If you answered "Yes" to three or more of these questions, chances are you'll make a great candidate for online learning. Taking an online course the first time means you will need to adjust to computer-based learning and independent study. These programs provide great opportunities for people constrained by time, place, or other factors. However, taking an online class requires as much effort as a course taken in person.

Online Options

Online learning can be fun and rewarding.  We currently offer over 500 online courses designed to fit your needs.  Depending on your time and budget, we have an online option to fit the length of time you want to invest and budget.  

Fast-Track Courses

Interactive six-week courses complete with a caring instructor, lively discussions, and plenty of practical information you can put to immediate use.

Note: Effective November 1, 2020, the prices of our self-paced course will be increased by $20.  The self-paced courses will provide additional time to complete (3 months instead of 6 weeks) and students are able to start the session at any time, instead of waiting for the start date as with our regular instructor-led courses.  Prices for our regular instructor-led (6-week) courses will remain the same. 


  •   Six weeks to complete
  •   Lessons released twice a week 
  •   Quizzes, final exam, discussion area 
  •   Instructor-led 
  •   Sessions begin monthly 
  •   Fast, convenient & affordable
Art & Design Business Computer Applications
Health & Fitness Information Technology Language
Legal Math & Science Teacher Professional Development 
Test Prep Writing  Computer Science

Professional Series 

Business and education oriented certificates and courses provided by expert instructors.  These courses can be completed in just one to four weeks, depending on the course.


  •   Typically one-month courses
  •   Led by expert instructors
  •   Weekly readings, discussion, and audio lectures 
Professional Series
Bookkeeping Certificate Entrepreneur Boot Camp    Intro to Coding  
Change Management  Project Management   Intro to Data Analysis
Accounting & Finance  Business Writing  Lean Six Sigma   
Cyber Security for Managers Intro to Game Design  Certificate in Teaching Adults

Career-Track Programs

Web-based, open enrollment courses that take anywhere from 6 months to one year to complete.  We provide training to help you start a new career or improve your skills. 

Program Areas 
Business Management Career Online High School Counseling & Coaching 
Creative Careers Education  Green Energy
Health & Fitness Hospitality & Travel  IT General
Law & Legal  Medical & Healthcare  Exam Prep 
IT - Cisco  IT - CompTIA 
IT  In-Demand Jobs Microsoft Office 

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